Strategic Planning and Requirements

Strategic planning is the process of defining the strategy of an organization. It includes defining the direction, making decisions related to allocating its resources including its capital and human resources.

Makaya Group is a helps organizations define their functional and divisional plans in order to pursue their strategy. Our experts analyze the current situation of your organization and set goals which are achievable over a fixed period of time. In order to determine where it is going, it is important for the organization to know where it presently stands. We help set milestones in order to meet the targets successfully.

Our team of analysts and business experts help you define the vision and values of your organization. This reflects your organization’s culture and priorities. An in depth analysis of the organization and its values is significant as it establishes the basis for developing new strategies and goals for future. Various factors are assessed by our experts in this regard including:
• Markets
• Competition
• Technology
• Supplier markets
• Labour markets
• The economy
• The regulatory environment

We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and chose the best plan for you. There are various planning models to pick from including:
• Goal based models
• Issues based models
• Organic models

Strategic planning is one of the most significant business activities. We implement the best procedures and practices while planning Your Company’s strategy. Adhering to your company’s mission and vision we chalk out the best plan that an help you achieve maximum profit.

Many businesses and organizations prefer a third-party consultative, facilitated strategic planning session customized to their needs. We can work directly with you and your team to help you develop your strategic plan.